Let's face it, no money no talk when it comes to a startup, and we know that better than anybody. We started Seven Figure Funding to help other businesses find the money they need to create and launch a successful business. Our mission is provide the resources and education that will help YOU find the money you need for your business. Seven Figure Funding was founded by the creators of the highly successful Kickstarter campaign Ravean Heated Jackets and PRmediaNow. Ravean raised $1.33M on Kickstarter, $100,000 in up sales following Kickstarter, and another $200,000 on Indiegogo. Grossing almost $1.6 Million in 5 months.

PRmediaNow is considered the premier Kickstarter PR agency. They have helped raise a total of over $18 Million for over 50 campaigns including Ravean and four additional million-dollar plus campaigns. On the completion of Ravean's successful crowdfunding run, the Ravean team was literally bombarded with hundreds of questions a week about how to run a successful crowdfunding campaign. That was when Seven Figure Funding was born. This course and company was built to help others have the same success as we did.