This is the hosting service we use. It is one of the most reliable and affordable hosts on the market. It works seamlessly with WordPress.

This is literally the best web builder plugin for WordPress. This is what we built our site with and we have ZERO coding experience. Super easy!

This is the #1 Kickstarter PR Firm in the world. They drove 100s of thousands in sales for our Ravean Kickstarter campaign. 

Funded Today is the #1 Kickstarter marketing firm. They helped us raised nearly half a million dollars in 10 days. Definitely find a way to work with these guys.

This tool saved our lives. I do not know how we would have managed post campaign surveys and fulfillment without them.

The highest ROI marketing activity we experienced during our Kickstarter campaign.

One of the most important tools to get the word out about your project, especially when you have a limited budget. Super powerful affiliate tool.

Discover, save and buy awesome products. They've helped more than 3,000 crowdfunding campaigns including some of the big guys like Sony!

This is the best pre-campaign launch tool we've used so far. It helps you with email/lead generation by initiating a viral email spread.

Great tool for managing customer service. With a big campaign it is important to keep organized and on top of your customer service.

The Ultimate guide by the biggest genius in the Facebook marketing realm.

The Ultimate guide to Google PPC by the biggest guru in the business. Super detailed read.

This is a book we wrote to help people find good ideas that will help them make millions.

Biggest backer, media, and journalist data base we have ever seen or used.

Seven Figure Funding NEVER recommends a service they are not using themselves to make their Kickstarter campaigns successful. With that being said, some of the links above are affiliate links.